Responding to Our Children’s Dependency & Addiction

May 28, 2023
11:30  -  12:30

Whether it is to food, drugs, screens or pornography these external processes may have become a primary way in which our children have learned to cope with challenges they may face. With years of experience working with both parents and children/youth struggling with dependencies to behaviours (gambling, screens, etc) or substances (drugs, alcohol), we will present some concepts we hope can better support parents who suspect their children are developing issues with dependencies or addiction. What are some of the signs? How can we approach this conversation with our children? What types of services are out there? The workshop will be presented by our youth coordinator and will include a testimonial of someone in recovery who can speak to their first hand experience.

Bill Yong is a Drama Therapist originally from Edmonton Alberta. He holds a Masters of Arts from Concordia University and a Bachelors of Education from the University of Alberta.

He has worked clinically for the West Montreal Readaptation Centre, Centre d’éducation des adultes Outremont, Centre of Arts in Human Development (CAHD), Native Montreal and is currently a youth counsellor for Chabad within the English Montreal School Board.

Bill is interested in how creative elements such as play, storytelling and embodiment can help clients imagine and take on new roles, such as a sober self and encounter it in an organic, patient and playful manner.


Session Category :  ParentCon2023 - Keynote