Speaker Presentations – Parent Conference – Fall 2018

Fall 2018 Parent Conference
Please find the available speaker presentations below:

Assistive Technology to Support Reading and Writing (for parents of students in elementary cycle 2, 3 and high school) Presentation
Empowering parents with an understanding of anxiety and stress to nurture resilient children Not yet available
How to Make Literacy Fun at Home for Pre-K to Grade 2 Presentation Document
Presentation on the MEES Sexuality Education Program Presentation
Parental rights issues Not yet available
Transitions – Building Your Future with AEVS (Adult And Vocational Education Centres) Presentation Document
I want to Help – LEARN’s Online Tutoring – Homework Help and Study Support, in the Comfort of Your Own Home Not yet available
What’s on your Plate? Fact Sheet
Presentation Document
Cultivating Love Between You and Your Child Presentation
Fine Motor Skills: Developing Little Hands for Classroom Activities Not yet available
School Entry Preparation for Special Needs Students at the EMSB Presentation
Understanding Sexual Violence & Its Implications for Our Kids Not yet available
Field Trips to the Future: How Standing on the Shoulders of Quebec’s Giants will Strengthen our Students Presentation Document
How to Motivate Teens: Advice for Those At-Risk and for Those Already Excelling Presentation
What is Spirituality? How a spiritual approach can improve life at school and at home Presentation
Cannabis 101 Not yet available
Helping your Child Deal with Bullying: Encouraging them to #CutTheBull Pamphlet
Presentation Document
Parents Have Power  Presentation
Developing students’ identity within their school through art Not yet available
Online Help for Elementary School Students: LTK (Learning Toolkit) Toolkit Flyer