The Truth about Lying: Science-based strategies to address lying and foster honesty in children

May 28, 2023
9:30  -  10:30

We teach children how to count, to read, to tie their shoelaces. We teach them to develop the abilities they need to be happy, active, and well-adjusted adults. Honesty is one of those behaviors. It forms the basis of trust in our relationships. Learning how to be honest and communicate in a respectful, kind, and truthful manner is an important skill we need to teach our children.

In this talk, psychologist Dr. Victoria Talwar draw on over 20 years of her scientific research to share what we have learned about what is normal part of children’s development, when dishonesty may indicate a bigger problem, how we can teach children about honesty, how we can deal with our children’s dishonesty, and how we can develop a close relationship based on open and truthful communication.

Victoria Talwar, Ph.D  is a Canada Research Chair (Tier II) and Chair of the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology at McGill University’s Faculty of Education.  .  She is a recognized leading expired on children’s deception and has published numerous articles on children’s honesty and lie-telling behaviours. She has given workshops to parents, teachers, social workers and legal professionals. 

Among others distinctions, she was awarded the Society for Research on Child Development Outstanding Early Career Contributions to Child Development Research award, Fellow of American Psychological Association (Div 7), Fellow of Association for Psychological Science and member of the College of the Royal Society of Canada.

Session Category :  ParentCon2023 - Keynote