Setting boundaries on screens with your teenage children

April 18, 2021
10:30  -  12:00

In this part psychoeducational, part interactive workshop, we will explore the following questions:
– What does the literature say is happening neurodevelopmentally in adolescent brains?
– Why is my teenage child becoming more and more dependent on screens/becoming so adverse when I ask them to stop?
– Is it possible to set boundaries with our children while also strengthening our relationship with them?
– Am I alone in what I’m experiencing?
– How does COVID-19 affect all of this?
Parents will also get an opportunity to go into breakout rooms to interact with each other and discuss and share experiences and strategies in their lives.

Kate Harris M Ed, Youth Counsellor, Chabad Life Line

Steven Valin, Youth Counsellor, Chabad Life Line

Bill Yong  MA CCC, Youth Counsellor, Chabad Life Line

Session Category :  VPC2021 Session 2