Raising Confident and informed kids: A Presentation About Talking to your Child about Sexuality (Pre-recorded)

May 30, 2023
11:30  -  12:30

An educational session designed to help parents and caregivers navigate the complex and often sensitive topic of sexuality education with their children.

The presentation aims to provide practical advice and strategies for talking about sexuality in age and developmentally-appropriate ways in conjunction with the MEQ Sexuality Education content. It will also emphasize the importance of having open communication and honest dialogue between parents and/or caregivers and their children.

Participants will leave with tools and knowledge they need to have positive and effective conversations with their child around sexuality.

Speaker: Jamie Quinn is the Sexuality Education consultant at the English Montreal School Board. Since 2002, Jamie has been working for the EMSB. For the first part of her career at LaurenHill Academy, she was very involved in the learning community; teaching multiple subjects, coaching sports teams, and training students at the Campus Store where they learned life skills, and how to work as a team. While being emersed in the school culture, Jamie encouraged her students to be inclusive and accept all people for who they are. Sexuality can always be a topic of conversation as her students and classroom had an open door policy where students came to ask questions, discuss personal matters, or wanted a place to feel welcomed.  Since 2018, Jamie continues to support all schools, staff, administration, and students in the EMSB with the implementation of the MEQ Sexuality Education content. She has confidence in the partnerships and continues to encourage, maintain, and support schools to create healthy and inclusive environments for all students.

Session Category :  ParentCon2023 - Lunch & Learn