Anti-Racism 101 (Livestream + Q&A)

May 31, 2023
12:30  -  13:30

The presentation on Cultural Diversity and Racism is an interactive workshop that invites us to critically reflect on issues related to “race”, ethnicity, and racism in order to create a more egalitarian, inclusive, and open to diversity. After having defined the terms race, ethnicity, and racism, the workshop guides us to recognize the manifestations of racism in our history (slavery, ethnocide, segregation, anti-Semitism) and to understand the manifestations of contemporary racism both in terms of ideas (stereotypes, double standards), behaviors (micro-aggression, racial profiling, direct discrimination) and norms (indirect and systemic discrimination).


As a workshop facilitator of 4 years with Ensemble pour le respect de la diversité, Dylan Michael Lord feels fulfilled. Being able to speak to thousands of youth yearly about issues that affect him as someone that is queer and a person of color. He has much professional experience to draw from as well, with 6 years working with Inuit and Indigenous populations in Canada through education and social services. Finally with a degree in International Development, Dylan finds himself very much at home with Ensemble.

As Workshop Coordinator at Ensemble pour le respect de la diversité, Cata Ramirez also considers herself as an intellectual from the hood. She’s engaged in democratizing academic concepts to the general public. Her knowledge is both experiential and theoretical having studied Philosophy at the University of Montreal and having grown up in a mixed Chilean-Romanian family environment.

Presented by Ensemble pour le respect de la diversité ( TOGETHER for Respect for Diversity is a non-profit, socio-educational organization whose mission is to work with youth to build a society without intimidation or discrimination. A leader in education to the contrary, ENSEMBLE for Respect for Diversity reaches more than 25,000 young people each year in public and private high schools, both French and English, throughout Quebec.

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