S.T.E.A.M. – Cross-curricular, project based learning

April 18, 2021
13:00  -  14:00

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.
This session will focus on the fundamental components of the STEAM pedagogical approach, including, but not limited to: the need for interdisciplinary real-world problem solving, both ‘in situ’ (in our classrooms and maker spaces), as well as externally (we have several ongoing partnership initiatives); exploration of rubrics; curriculum mapping; design process and 21st-century skills acquisition.  We will also showcase a few examples of what we feel are solid STEAM learning situations, both in class and online.  We end with a look at the presence of STEAM Education at the EMSB currently, as well as our dedication to the existence of, and need for, continuous and ongoing professional development opportunities, as we continue to develop our program.

Jason Bixby, Educational Consultant
EMSB – Educational Services

Valerie Honig
EMSB – Educational Services

Session Category :  Session 3