Helping your Child Deal with Bullying: Encouraging them to #CutTheBull

November 17, 2018
13:55  -  15:35
St. Laurent Adult Education Centre (2405 Place Lafortune O, Saint-Laurent, QC H4M 1C2)

Bullying affects 75% of Canadians (Prevnet). Children & teens can rotate between being the one being bullied, the one bullying and the one watching it all happen. Regardless of what role your child plays parents must be involved to prevent and stop bullying. This workshop, given as part of Shriners Hospitals for Children – Canada’s #CutTheBull campaign, will begin with a testimonial from Jeffrey, 19, who was bullied for over 7 years. It will then give an overview of recent research on the subject in order to give parents some concrete actions they can take to help their child deal with bullying.

Session Category :  Parent Conference Fall 2018  Session C