April 18, 2021

Setting boundaries on screens with your teenage children

14:10  -  15:45

In this part psychoeducational, part interactive workshop, we will explore the following questions: – What does the literature say is happening neurodevelopmentally in adolescent brains? – Why is my teenage child becoming more and more dependent on screens/becoming so adverse when I ask them to stop? – Is it possible to set boundaries with our …

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Vaping – what you need to know

14:10  -  1515

A description of the different types of devices used for vaping, the substances vaped and the health risks associated are ..and what parents can do to prevent vaping in children. Sandrine Aschour, Drug Prevention Consultant EMSB Student Services Dept

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Assistive Technology tools for student writing support

14:10  -  15:15

Join the assistive technology consultants as they demonstrate tools to support student literacy. We will demonstrate using 2 EMSB literacy tools (Read & Write and WordQ). The webinar is intended for families of students from grade 3 to secondary 5 whose children are already using these tools. We will learn : 1.Text to speech 2.Word …

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Parent’s Guide to Google Classroom

14:10  -  15:15

Part how-to guide, part Q&A. This session will explain how to get started with Google Classroom. Topics will include: how to sign in (through a browser), submitting work in Classroom, Google Docs and tools, guardian emails, and using the mobile app. Suitable for beginners. *Please note this is not a tech-support session. François Dupraz, ICT …

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Recognition of Acquired Competencies – Adult Education and Vocational Sector

14:10  -  15:15

Discover the wealth of opportunities there are via vocational education for your children. There are numerous career paths accessible through the EMSB’s vocational centers – often rather lucrative ones – that offer many students the path to success they always wanted. This workshop will explore the many diverse educational pathways offered by Adult Education and …

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Sexual education -elementary aged students

14:10  -  15:15

This presentation will allow parents to understand the mandatory content of Sexuality Education being implemented at the elementary level.  Parents will have the opportunity to ask any questions that they may have concerning the mandatory content. Jamie Quinn, Educational Consultant EMSB – Educational Services

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S.T.E.A.M. – Cross-curricular, project based learning

14:10  -  15:15

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. This session will focus on the fundamental components of the STEAM pedagogical approach, including, but not limited to: the need for interdisciplinary real-world problem solving, both ‘in situ’ (in our classrooms and maker spaces), as well as externally (we have several ongoing partnership initiatives); exploration of rubrics; curriculum mapping; design process and 21st-century …

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The Virtual Library

14:10  -  15:15

Join us for a guided tour of some of the EMSB’s online bank of resources and databases that are made available to help your child find reliable safety information. Some highlights include: ebooks, adaptive interfaces, encyclopedias, videos, and most are available in both English and French. Julian Taylor, Librarian EMSB – Educational Services Danielle Juneau, …

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EPCA – Talking Parent Governance

14:10  -  15:15

The English Parents Committee Association will be holding a workshop on Parent Governance. What are parents’ rights, and how to navigate the system? Andrew Ross, Director E.P.C.A.

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